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Open Positions

JeanMartin is always looking to recruit exceptional professionals. All positions require excellent communication and client facing skills. JeanMartin is currently looking for candidates to fill the roles below.

Computer Network Support Specialist

New York, NY


Minimum Educational Requirement: Bachelor’s Degree or its equivalent in Computer Science,Engineering, Technology, Information Systems or a related field.


Job Description:


· Configure security settings or access permissions for groups or individuals.

· Analyze and report computer network security breaches or attempted breaches.

· Perform hardware and software asset management and document technical specifications information.

· Identify the causes of networking problems, using diagnostic testing software and equipment.

· Provide end user support for Windows clients, Mac, Outlook, office suites and the organization’s custom applications.

· Troubleshoot computer hardware and software in a Microsoft windows server, windows client, Mac and Cisco networking environment.

· Troubleshoot server/Client applications and advanced TCIP communication issues.

· Provide day to day support for the IT onboarding and off boarding process such as creating user accounts, setting up new client machines, provide end user training and deleting user accounts.

· Maintain and verify backup systems.

· Document network support activities.

Senior Software Engineer

New York, NY


Job Description:


Programmer Analyst (NY, NY) IT company: Bachelors 2 year of exp (Comp Sci, Engg, Information Systems or related) will accept equiv combination of education and exp (3yrs exp=1yr college). Expand or modify system to serve new purposes or improve work flow.

Test, maintain, and monitor computer programs and systems, including coordinating the installation of computer programs and systems. Develop, document and revise system design procedures, test procedures, and quality standards. Provide staff and users with assistance solving computer related problems, such as malfunctions and program problems. Various skill sets required. Travel and or relocation to various unanticipated client sites with the United States may be required.


Computer Specialist

New York, NY


Minimum Educational Requirement: 4 year-Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related field for qualification.


Job Description:


· Design, coding and implementation of complex web based software utilizing the Microsoft Dot Net platform, SQl Server and Oracle database.

· Responsible for reviewing requirements, analyzing the impact of the requirements on development, and bringing any resulting issues to the attention of the project manager.

· Work with the team responsible for installing software changes. Write release notes, monitor and review the installation and ensure it has been installed.

· Participate in the development and preparation of documentation for, but not limited to, procedural, program and user documentation.

· Design and implementation of complex stored procedures written in Microsoft SQL while ensuring that the procedure code is efficient.

· Participate in meetings with users to demonstrate the product.

· Assist/develop and follow application development standards.

Database Administrator 4/DBA4

Columbus, OH


Interviews: Onsite interviews required


Job Description:


Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addition is looking for a Sr. Database Administrator to handle multiple enterprise projects from design, implementation, tuning, maintenance, performance tuning, and configuration. This resource is needed to develop enterprise wide solutions, designs and develop standards and best practices.

The DBA is responsible for data analysis and database management, they are typical involved in maintenance, enhancements, design data dictionaries, physical and logical database models, and performance tuning. The candidate should have a range of skills and knowledge of the utilities and production tools used for data storage management to support the Application Team.




· 7+ years participating in database selection and maintaining database performance.

· Knowledge of various Database Management System products. MHA uses Sql-server.

· Previous experience in a role focused on process improvements.

Program Manager



Interview Process: All interviews must be conducted on-site, all work must be onsite.


Relevant Experience: 8+ years of project management experience.


· Demonstrated project management experience implementing a procurement solution for multiple customers on an enterprise level for at least one federal, state, local or other governmental entity, institution of higher education, Fortune 500 or Global Fortune 500 customer.

· Demonstrated electronic catalog implementation experience for at least one federal, state, local or other governmental entity, institution of higher education, Fortune 500 or Global Fortune 500 customer.

· Demonstrated experience with PeopleSoft Financials experience for at least one federal, state, local or other governmental entity, institution of higher education, Fortune 500 or Global Fortune 500 customer.

· PMP certification


Preferred Education: 4 year undergraduate or master’s degree.




The Project Manager (PM) will be assigned full-time (Monday-Friday) to the State of Ohio’s NextGen eProcurement project, which is a complex, multi-year engagement. The selected PM will manage the state’s efforts and responsibilities on site from an assigned location in downtown Columbus, Ohio. The PM will work with a project team and the selected system integrator and will be responsible for the following:


· Delivery of all work tasks identified in the project plan.

· Adjustments to the project plan when necessary.

· Management and tracking of the project progress against the project plan. Take corrective actions if a project begins to slip its schedule.

· Strict management of project scope. All changes to project scope must follow defined processes.

· Capture and reporting of required project management metrics.

· Preparing status reports on a periodic basis for project team, team leads, group leads, and project manager and appropriate stakeholders.

· Planning, organizing, prioritizing, and managing multiple work efforts across application teams.

· Notifying appropriate team leads of timelines, milestones, phases, work requests target dates, and approved executable work package.

· Anticipating issues / risks and proactively addressing them.

· Resolving conflicts with sensitivity and tact.

· Effectively communicating with stakeholder, vendor and customers.

· Communicating to team members how their work assignments relate to and help achieve project objectives.

Quality Assurance Specialist 4/QAS4

Columbus, OH


Job Description:


This individual will support all application development efforts within OhioMHAS. This individual will provide quality assurance operational objectives by contributing information and analysis to strategic plans and reviews of systems; preparing and completing action plans; identifying and resolving problems; completing audits; determining system improvement; implementing change.

This individual will be preparing quality documentation and reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information and trends including failed processes, stability studies, recalls, corrective actions, and re-validations.

This individual will validate quality processes by establishing product specifications and quality attributes; measuring production; documenting evidence; determining operational and performance qualification; writing and updating quality assurances procedures. The QA is responsible for the design, pilot, and implementation of the software quality assurance review processes. The QA will work with the Application Teams during pre and post assessment periods. For each phase end review the QA is responsible to plan, schedule, execute, and document findings of the review. QA's must have an detailed understanding of processes which support the software development lifecycle.

The candidate will be supporting The Ohio Department of Transportation’s Applications Team.

The Ohio Department of Transportation is requesting the services of a Senior Architect 2 to function as the technical expert assisting the Smart Columbus team developing the SCOS (Smart Columbus Operating System). The selected candidate will work directly with the SCOS team in researching and developing the computer applications that will fulfill Smart Columbus’s mission while providing the structure for future AVCV developments across the state.


This position will function as a highly skilled SAR2 with specific responsibilities that include:

· Operate effectively as a big data SME with knowledge of the latest tools, applications and cloud infrastructures necessary to implement a powerful open source system.

· Operate as technical expert with intimate knowledge regarding all components that comprise the entire solution set.

· Serve as the SME on the host of applications and environments required to serve the users.

· Operate as SME in the implementation of Open Source Big data solutions from infrastructure to applications.

· Assist with developing the delivery Epics, Stories and Tasks that will comprise the solution set for BI.

· Operate as the cross technology and platform SME.

· Act as Open Source advocate and practitioner.

· Assist in the execution of the process operating as Agile evangelist and master.

· Mentor teams involved in developing highly technical solutions and promote culture that values input from all team members.

· Promote continuous learning and deliver value to the customer.

· Assist in the development of standards, procedures and operating systems applications.

· Assist with revision of existing solutions to increase operating efficiency or adapt to new requirements.

· Prepare records and reports.




· Demonstrated end to end big data environment build leadership and architecture development.

· Creative thinker with experience in implementing Open Source.

· Student of advanced Open Source BI tools, having implemented at least three BI applications end to end. Preference to Tableau, Pentaho, Pentaho, BIRT, JasperReport, SpagoBI, KNIME, ReportServer, Bitnami ReportServer Stack.

· Expert knowledge with a track record of solution delivery using various data integration solutions in situations requiring real time (synchronous and asynchronous) messaging, Publish/Subscribe models, Microservices patterns, Middleware, and other related methodologies in a multi-user, multi-platform, multi-tier environment.

· Strong communication/leadership skills.

· Strong influence, collaboration and negotiation experience.

· Ability to collaborate with supporting resources across business and/or functional lines.

· Ability to mentor teams involved in developing highly technical solutions and value input from all team members.

· Have excellent oral and written skills/possess strong meeting and work session facilitation skills.

· Act as the escalation point for high priority support issues.

· Have the ability to work independently and as part of a team, the ability to manage time and resources to meet assigned deadlines.

· Have excellent organizational skills, proven analytical, planning, problem solving, and decision-making skills.




4 year college degree in computer science or related field with advanced study preferred.


· 5 year's experience in Hadoop HDFS Build and administration, considered an expert in this skillset.

· 3 yrs. experience in working with, installing and setting up HBase,MongoDB, Maven, DocumentDB, Amazon DynamoDB, BigTable, Cassandra, or Druid.

· 3 yrs. experience working daily within an Agile team.

· 7 yrs. in Software development as a developer.

· 5 yrs. experience in IT infrastructure deployment.

· 3 yrs. experience in Open Source software deployment.

· 3 yrs. experience in Web systems and application deployment.

· 2 yrs. experience in Requirements Gathering and Use Case development.

· 3 yrs. experience in either Java, considered a journeyman in this language.

· 3 yrs. experience delivering inside of a full TDD, CI, DevOps environment within an Agile framework.

· 2 yrs. experience working within a paired programming environment.

Business Analyst

Columbus, OH


Job Description:


The Business Analyst is responsible for the set of tasks and techniques used to work as a liaison among stakeholders in order to understand the structure, policies, and operations of an organization, and to recommend solutions that enable the organization to achieve its goals.




Four to six years of experience with the following:


· Experience creating and coordinating technical documentation preparation and distribution for processes, projects and procedures.

· Experience gathering, analyzing information needs and functional requirements from stakeholders, business owners, and customers.

· Experience analyzing user needs and existing functions to determine business requirements, screen and interface design, use cases.

· Experience providing ongoing system maintenance and evaluation of systems.

· Experience delivering project artifacts.

· Experience analyzing business requirements using interviews, document analysis, and workshops.

· Analyzes, reviews, and recommends possible solutions to identified business problems.

· Develop test scripts, test cases, for User Acceptance Testing (UAT) based on requirements.

· Act liaison between business units, customers (internal and external) and various stakeholders.

· Assist Project Manager in project planning and developing project task plans, leading JAD sessions.

· Work experience in creating and coordinating technical, functional and business requirements for processes, projects and procedures.

· Excellent communication both oral and written.- REQUIRED

Senior Architect

Ohio Department of Education, Columbus OH


Minimum Qualification (Microsoft Azure related):


· Experience in using Microsoft Azure – 3 years · Experience in developing cloud architecture and adoption strategy for Azure -- 2 years.

· Experience in developing/maintaining IT systems in a hybrid mode (Azure cloud and on-premise system) -- 2 years.

· Experience in developing/maintaining Azure cloud native IT systems -- 2 years.

· Experience in migrating existing .NET application to Azure -- 2 years

· Experience in Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery in Azure -- 2 years

· Azure Technologies (e.g. Azure function, Azure Batch/Web Jobs) -- 2 years

· VSTS Online -- 1 year


Other minimally required technical skills:


· Experience in developing/maintaining IT systems using Microsoft .NET 2.0 and above (C# preferred) -- 10 years

· Experience in Relational database technologies (MS SQL (preferred) or Oracle) -- 10 years

· Experience in architecting IT systems using Microsoft .NET 2.0 and above (C# preferred) – 8 years

· Experience in leading teams through multiple stages of software development (from system analysis to deployment) – 5 years

· Experience in Test Driven Development and test automation -- 5 years

· Experience in Agile Development Methodologies using TFS -- 5 years

· Angular 2.0 or above with TypeScript, Bootstrap, Jasmine, Karma (or other Angular testing framework) -- 2 years

· Experience with other web UI development tools/languages (JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, MVC) -- 5 years

· .NET CORE 1.0/2.0 using C# -- 1 year

· Mocking framework (MoQ or equivalent) -- 5 years

· Dependency injection (Autofac or equivalent) -- 5 years

· ORM Tools (Entity Framework (preferred) or equivalent) -- 3 years


Other preferred technical skills:


· Reporting using Power BI / MS Report -- 2 years

· ETL using SSIS (or equivalent) -- 2 years

· MS Azure Data Factory -- 2 years

· Other database technology (noSQL/Cosmos DB/MongoDB) -- 2 years

Machine Learning Expert

New York, NY


Job Description:


We are looking for a Machine Learning Expert with Artificial Intelligence experience. We are starting a new project to build and automate processes in the platform using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies and are looking to hire a ML Expert with background in ML and AI. Key skills will be a strong technology and programming background/aptitude with Java, Python, Scala, statistical programming, TensorFlow and exposure to machine learning / AI technologies.


Required skills:


· Advance degree in Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Computational Statistics, Operations Research, Machine Learning or related technical fields.

· Hands on experience developing supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms (regression, decision trees/random forest, neural networks, feature selection/reduction, clustering, parameter tuning, etc.), using relevant programming languages (Python, PySpark, Scala, Java, C++, C#, C, etc.), mathematical/statistical/ML languages and platforms (R,, Octave, Matlab, Weka, SAS, etc.) and big data tools and languages (Spark, MapReduce, SQL, Hive, etc.).

· Advanced knowledge in model evaluation, tuning and performance, operationalization and scalability of scientific techniques and establishing decision strategies. Experience in evaluating and making decisions around the use of new or existing tools for a project.

· Proven track record of strong verbal/written communication and presentation skills, including an ability to effectively communicate with both business and technical teams.

· Experience in projects involving large scale-multi dimensional databases, complex business infrastructure, and cross-functional teams. Three to five successfully launched ML projects.

· 5+ years of relevant employment experience.

Machine Learning Engineer

Chicago, IL


Job Description:


We are looking for a Machine Learning Engineer who works closely with business stakeholders, collect requirements and deliver high value AI/ML solutions that drive customer and business value.

Those of us who love to work with data see this as the pinnacle of opportunities that you cannot find anywhere else in the industry.


Required skills:


· Experience with TensorFlow, Keras, Theano, CUDA, and/or DSSTNE.

· Experience with advanced ML techniques (RNN, CNN, LSTM, GRU, Genetic Algorithms, Reinforcement Learning, etc.).

· Experience with voice recognition, natural language processing, and computer vision.

· Experience building and delivering complex systems that leverage various machine learning algorithms or technologies that integrate well with other organization-wide systems and can scale effectively.

· Experience in developing and/or launching ML algorithms/frameworks using cloud infrastructure. Previous experience in digital-native organizations (Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc.) and/or the Financial Services industry.

Blockchain Developer

Wilmington, DE


Job Description:


You would be working to help progress with what client is calling the Resonance Data Attribution Platform. This platform uses a unique cryptographic technology possessed by client that leverages blockchain concepts. The overall platform provides unique ways to create data provenance and composition. Client is currently building the platform to support production systems in both the federal and commercial sectors. They have been working on use cases involving physical supply chain anti-counterfeit, insider threat mitigation, secure workflow management and configuration management




Requires in depth knowledge of focus area technologies. Needs to be skilled in specific areas of development and languages, depending on staffing requirements from Team Leads.


Language Requirements: Proven Experience Java Development practices and execution in production systems.




· Web Services


· Rules Engine Development

· RDB and NoSQL database platforms

· Basic security practices and execution

· Basic IdAM principles and practices

· Provisioning Services Development

· Active Directory Integrations

· Smart Card Integrations

· OIM Integrations

Knowledge and understanding of:


· Cloud Native Platforms such as Pivotal

· XML Based architectures such as SAML, XACML, XSD Creation, WSDLs

· AWS Development (AMI, EC2, etc.)

· Azure Development

· SDK Development

Blockchain Application Developer

Minneapolis, MN


Job Description:

We are seeking an experienced Blockchain Developer who has solid expertise in system and software architecture delivering scalable Enterprise software. The perfect individual will be confident and experienced with relevant full life-cycle architecture and software development capabilities.


Blockchain Technologies needed:


Designing, developing, and delivering complex Distributed Ledger/Blockchain technology applications.
Developing Blockchain applications or proof-of-concepts (POCs) using Ethereum Solidity or other proprietary language and APIs.




· Ethereum Blockchain

· .NET C#

· Azure PaaS programming

· SQL expertise

Service Request

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