Thursday, October 19, 2017

Paid Search

Campaign success can be achieved by following three principles: get ad impression, utilizing the given space for the ads, and write great ad copy. Defining the campaign goals and user segmentation helps build a robust campaign structure. Attention needs to be paid to account settings, campaign and ad group structure, keywords and negative keywords. It is necessary to use extensions and optimizing them, understanding how extensions work is imperative to good campaign performance. Jean Martin team develops well architected paid search campaign allowing our clients to increase relevant traffic to their website.  

Jean Martin’s Paid Search team develops paid campaigns to drive relevant traffic, limit by geography, days of the week, and time-of-day. Timely, relevant ads and seasonal landing pages are leverage to build customer engagement. We analyze the search term report to identify cheaper, higher-converting keywords, new keywords as well as potential negative keywords. Jean Martin paid search team has years of experience in running successful paid search campaigns.

Jean Martin paid search marketing specialists are help you go beyond just the basic ads. We build out social media extensions, seller ratings, deep site links and product listings.

Paid Search Process Work Flow

Discovery Phase

  • Initially, we make sure to learn and collect information related to the client’s business goals, their competitors, website etc. This is called discovery session.
  • We do the project briefing and acquire project information like budget, monthly reports from various departments, audience, geographic location and campaign login credentials.
  • Conducting PPC audit for current website and acquiring statistics related to landing pages and analytics.
  • As per the project briefing and PPC audit, determining potential keywords.
  • Determining risk and opportunity areas on the basis of keywords research performed.

Planning Phase

  • Developing a thorough PPC strategy to achieve target goals and deliver results.
  • Specify and outline paid search engine marketing and Remarketing campaigns. Provide details related to paid ads, chosen strategic plan, landing page suggestions and recommended campaigning budget.
  • To assess the performance of the campaign, maintaining a record of short and long term goals that are achieved.

Campaign Initialization Phase

  • Executing recommendations as per the PPC strategy.
  • Designing landing page with powerful calls to action for the target marketing campaign and enhancing the brand marketing. Redesigning the ongoing campaign as per the PPC plan.
  • Keeping track of the page load time and ensuring implementation of conversion tracking for the created landing pages.

Campaign Analysis and Re-engineering Phase

  • Regulate and modify the existing campaign on the basis of the performance of target keywords, bids and landing pages.
  • Managing weekly fluctuations to the campaign to stay at par with the latest trends in the market.

Campaign Reporting Phase

  • Reporting monthly performance of the campaign that will include tasks, which are completed, work plan for the successive month and analysis of the campaign data and predictions for the next month.
  • Documenting and reporting the quarterly result and overview of the campaign.

Service Request

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Any and all information submitted will be reviewed only by authorized representatives of Jean Martin Inc. and kept in the strictest confidentiality.
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