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In the ever changing business scenario, today’s leading banks are confronting issues such as mergers and acquisitions, technological advancements, increased compliance monitoring, security concerns, customer profiling, identify theft and fraud. To survive and thrive, banks must be flexible and scalable, both in business as well as technology processes. All of the business drivers that characterize today’s modern banking environment require an agile enterprise, built around business processes that can be scaled, regardless of product or customer.

Jean Martin’s banking experts are providing innovative solutions to business and technology problems, of leading retail and corporate banks. With our mobile solutions, we are able to offer businesses complete flexibility and support. We are determined to building a strong framework, that will support incremental integration and customized preferences. With our strengths in mobility, we can provide businesses with absolute agility. Our greatest strengths reflect in the solutions we provide related to mobilizing an enterprise. Among our various banking solutions, we offer a numerous amount of mobility solutions that will help businesses excel, stand out from competitors and grant clients absolute customer satisfaction. Together with our expertise and the resources we provide, we consider ourselves ready to help any business succeed.





Internet Banking

Involves behavioral & transaction analytics to help customers well perform product marketing, online account opening and leverage cross-sell opportunities

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Private Banking & Wealth Management

Provides customers with investment portfolio management, financial planning, market data aggregation and management

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Treasury & Cash Management

Includes liquidity management, cash flow forecasting, money markets, risk management

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Provides our clients with vertical and horizontal scalability, variable cost model, a whole line of mortgage fulfillment process services, component-based loan originating platform

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Trade Finance

Assists with regulatory reporting, settlement notification & instruction submission, payment & reconciliation, breaks management, exchange connectivity and customer relationship management

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Accounting & Financial Management

Offers enterprise wide risk reporting, depository management & compliance, corporate action processing, general ledger and balance sheet

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(Dealer Finance and Lease, Small Business Credit, Personal & Asset Finance)
Deals with process optimization to improve operational efficiency, offers alternative channels for customers experiencing financial difficulties, delivers business process outsourcing

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