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The insurance industry worldwide is facing the challenges of deregulation, consolidation and convergence of financial services. It is imperative that insurance players be able to transform distribution channels, sell complex yet flexible products online, and address security and privacy concerns for a strategic competitive advantage.

Jean Martin’s business-focused expertise, history of strong project management, and technical knowledge across multiple platforms, creates a unique ability to assist our clients throughout the conceptual and implementation lifecycle. We provide businesses with the opportunity to assemble strategies that will help them build a mobile platform, while integrating with emerging technologies. At JeanMartin, we are not about full transformation but about effective transformation done in incremental changes. We strive to accomplish long term goals by first significantly strengthening short term objectives. This way, our created infrastructure will aid businesses to fit into any future collaboration.

With our strengths in mobile technologies, we are more than confident in achieving quality and results in the field of insurance. Creating a mobile enterprise will ease the process of managing solutions, more proficiently and efficiently. This will in turn, assist businesses with a successful integration into the social media and optimize their profits by improving CRM services. Building mobile applications to best serve the goals of the business is our priority. Possessing the ability to best integrate them within the enterprise is our expertise.




Mobile Automation

Create an integrated wireless platform across the inter-value chain, support real time integration and information interchange among business units and field-force.

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Finance and Accounting

Multi-platform consumer apps for payment notification, premium calculator, pay bills, download insurance identification cards, report claims and file endorsements with attachments.

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Claims Management

Includes consumer facing apps for near-real-time notification to adjusters of a new claim.

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Policy Administration

Spatial form of rule definition and configurations to facilitate policy administration and quality controls covering wider context of historical content and latest market influence.

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