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In the field of health care, we seek to help our clients by providing them with reliable and steadfast solutions. We offer integrated solutions and IT Management Services for wireless integration with health care business services by using collaborative program management and scalable IT frameworks.

With our mobile solutions, we hope to transform health care services into an enterprise that will be feasible to manage and maintain. With our support services, healthcare business will be able to better access patient records, note diagnosis, consult drug specialists, and connect to the hospital organization and internal infrastructure. We can build mobile platforms using innovative technologies that will successfully implement our mobile solutions with a strategy that best fits the interests of the business.

Applying our mobile solutions, health care services will not only construct a better networking system but will also completely integrate into the field of social media. With the existing benefits of social media, health related businesses will gain the opportunity to better connect to their clients while simultaneously hearing what their customers have to say about their services. With our integrated social media solutions, health care businesses can create better support services and refer their clients to other related services, depending on their location.

With an integrated mobile system, health care services can also collaborate more effectively with pharmaceutical services and administer medications more proficiently.


Success Stories




Mobile Patient Record Management

Using mobile technology & low frequency RFID tags, can manage patient's diagnostic records, medications and administrative tasks. Provides clients with the ability to reduce the use of paperwork and the chance to commit error in noting medication specifications or diagnosis. Allows for more accurate and efficient results.

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Personnel and Asset Tracking

Critical asset monitoring and security solution using RTLS/active RFID and mobility

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Remote Patient Monitoring and Diagnosis

Offers real time notifications, visibility of patient monitoring and diagnosis, improved CRM services

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Mobile Appointment & Case Management

Emergency help network and nursing services, greater collaboration and reduction of communication costs

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Mobile Pre-Medical Care

Offers real time visibility through pre-medical care transport management workflow

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Mobile EMR

Integrates medical record management using smart phones, relates information more efficiently and effectively

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