Sunday, January 21, 2018

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As technology and business continues to evolve at an ever more rapid pace, the marketplace must reform in order to stay on top of its competition. The combination of revenue declines, transition to web-based models, mobile devices, and increased competition, have forced media and entertainment companies to adapt innovative business models to satisfy consumer demand. Consequently companies are put under pressure to digitize their content while reducing cost.

Jean Martin has played an integral role in the media and entertainment industry since its inception in 1997. Staffed with an experienced set of progressive minded individuals, Jean Martin has consistently been able to stay ahead of its competition in terms of cost-effective, technological solutions that appeal to those looking to transition to a more digital business model. With our extensive experience in the social media integration and our global delivery capabilities we are confident that we can assist any client in improving their business and embrace the constant changes of emerging technologies.


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Digital Publishing

Uses unique software platform to establish a more collaborative network across the publishing lifecycle, which minimizes production cost, improves efficiency, and decreases the time to market transition.

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Web-Based Asset Management

Jean Martin introduces a universally accessible information inventory, which enables business owners to reduce operational costs by maintaining constant knowledge of their assets. Owners will be able to manage their businesses through user friendly and content driven software.

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Content Security

Our security software framework ensures clients that their documents, images, videos, and other files are protected. We provide our customers with the ability to customize their privacy settings and protect their content from copyright infringement.

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