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The pharmaceutical industry is one of the world's most respected industries. It is the key to global welfare. Over the last few years, the industry has been challenged by rising drug development costs, increased government regulations and longer submission processes.

JeanMartin provides pharmaceutical companies with flexible and efficient solutions, that help them streamline and transform key business processes and help them reduce costs. Through our solutions that offer social media and CRM integration, businesses can finally better collaborate with their customers. With the advantages of our CRM and social media solutions, businesses will be able to better estimate their performance and compare themselves to competitors. Customers will have the benefit to view what others have to say about their experiences with certain drugs and medications. Through our CRM solutions, businesses will be able to achieve the best configuration among processes, customers, services and technology and thus succeed at reaching the main consumer centric factor. Along with our CRM and Social Media capabilities, at Jean Martin we provide our clients with unique RFID solutions to help make the Pharmaceutical business a more effective and efficient one. With our various solutions, such as RFID Asset Tracking, RFID Smart Labels and RFID Infrastructure, we are able to establish a faster working system that improves the revenue cycle.




Mobile Pharmaceutical Solutions

Provides laboratory asset management, monitoring and tracking asset solutions, (TransNote & ThinkPad—electronic integration), data synchronization management, data & regulations Quickfinder, monitoring inventory data and expiration dates

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Drug Discovery

Offers data management, consulting and sustenance of clinical trials

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Manufacturing and Marketing

Customer and professional relationship management (CRM), brand management and communication, site content, effectiveness of sales

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Regulatory Functions

Drug regulation and administration management

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Warehouse Management

Provides real time database of available products, product management system, RFID implementation

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Enterprise Planning & Reporting Applications

Includes enterprise resource planning system

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