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Telecom industry has been going through significant changes with respect to the regulatory structure, network management and usage. Innovations in wireless technologies and advancements in web telecommunication is encouraging the service providers to enter that business, thus creating alarming situation for the telecom industry.



Operations Support Systems and Business Support Systems

Offers services that provide consulting with implementation plans and system requirement documents as well as design and customization of technology products

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Infrastructure Management

Provides unified communications, enterprise IT services, network management and planning systems as well as virtualization and consolidation services

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CRM and Helpdesk solutions

Relates to the integration of systems with new software and the provision of effective customer segmentation

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Video Conferencing Portal (VCP)

A platform agnostic, proprietary framework designed to manager, schedule, monetize, analyze, report and monitor Video Conferencing and Document Exchange activities between Enterprises and Individuals. We have developed the portal in such way that, both the B2B and B2C systems can make optimal use of it.

For the Video Conferencing Solution, it is extremely important to ensure security and reliable solution across demographics, infrastructure and multiple endpoints. The portal contains features like scheduling, monitoring system for daily activities, running timely software updates and generating reports. Managing proper Bandwidth and control on authentication are main parts of the infrastructure. To ensure smooth video communication amongst all users involved, system requirements and firewall transfer play crucial role

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At JMI, we provide effective solutions that will help the telecom companies operate more efficiently by using minimal resources and low costs.




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