Sunday, January 21, 2018

Image Analytics

Jean Martin offers a wide range of image services, designed to optimize bandwidth and storage, using our proprietary image analytics engine. Clients can reduce power consumption and their CO2 footprint, with virtually lossless compression of both still-image and video files.

Artificial Intelligence Based Image Analytics

  • Capability to intelligently understand images like a human – using Image Based Object Recognition Technique.
  • Automates data capture from images, forms (BPO/ITES/Banks/Insurance/etc.) and fills data directly into database.
  • AI engine learns continuously, gathers knowledge on process maturity and improves accuracy over a period of 6 months (50-92%)
  • Provides interface to define business rules – adopts changes quickly and applies instantly
  • Works at high speed and handles large volumes – reduces dependencies on data entry/image analysts, improves SLA and turn-around time
  • Provides dashboard and controls for measuring performance



  • Image analytics, data capture saves 80% on human resource costs
  • Saves approximately 50% on month-to-month cost for bandwidth
  • Storage compression adds an additional 10 times more space in existing storage, reducing CAPEX
  • Improved end-user experience for faster access of Data/Videos/Images
  • Reduces operational cycle time and cost for backup/restore/access/file transfers


  • Reduces download/upload time for file transfers, backup and restore.
  • Improves speed and efficiency
  • Optimizes bandwidth – improves throughput across LAN/WAN
  • Protects file integrity – increases speed while sending, receiving and rendering


  • Image/Forms Processing- We can improve efficiency and productivity through process & SLA despite image/form frame size.
  • Bandwidth & Storage – We can optimize WAN bandwidth and storage without increasing cost during business expansion.
  • Video/Motion Picture – Our service optimizes file size, best picture quality, dimension, and color, without affecting throughput in digital transmission.


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