Sunday, January 21, 2018


Material Handling and Automation Engine

This Engine fits into most ERP systems on a Hub & Spoke model. The product provides an external arm to the Client’s existing ERP application and in seamlessly extending the capabilities in the following key areas:

  • Integration of Mobile Barcode Technology with existing ERP systems.
    • The ERP system would function as the Hub.
    • Independent Barcode Systems will be the spokes with multiple locations in different geographies, handling various time zones and currencies.
    • Spokes are scalable without any software license payments to the ERP system.
  • Serial number tracking from Raw Materials to Finished Goods.
  • Automation of Receipts and Shipments
  • Inventory Management(Cycle count and Inventory Closing), using the independent barcode system.
  • Material Handling Automation

Key Features:

  • Integrity with Bar Code System.
  • Purchase receipt and sales shipment automation.
  • Serial number generation.
  • Serial number tracking.
  • Validation of serial numbers in each and every step of the business process.
  • Output and Consumption of serial numbers at production in-house.
  • Stand-alone server and client implementation at Client locations.


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