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Enterprise Content Management

Large enterprises have to deal with a tremendous amount of content, in terms of documents that need to be stored in an un-shredded format. In terms of documents that can be stored, indexed, searched, archived and can be accessed globally across different departments.

Typical functions of an enterprise-wide content management system:

  • Ensure that business users and applications can import documents easily using both online and batch systems
  • Ability to organize documents into multiple folders with respective security levels
  • Create document types, links between documents and item attributes
  • Ability to search using advanced searching conditions
  • Options for the versioning of documents , along with Check-In & Check-out features for document control
  • Support Workflow of business processes based on documents, and support document status
  • Provide options for automatic and manual approvals, especially based on organization hierarchy
  • Support enterprise goals on ILM (Information Life Cycle Management) with respect to Archival and Retrieval

Cloud and Content Management

Cloud provides a good platform for hosting the content management solutions, mainly due to the following attributes:

  • Large amount of storage needs
  • Dynamic and Elastic nature of access to Archived records, for legal considerations we may store years of older documents, but they may accessed only in specific situations like audit and hence pre allocating servers for them will amount to redundancy
  • Cost involved in licensing the COTS Content Management packages for small and medium businesses
  • Custom development effort spent for providing custom searches and rendering capabilities within the content management applications








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