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Functional Testing

We have successfully enabled our customers to improve the quality of their products and solutions, by testing end to end functional scenarios. Our XML based, defect reporting system, enables us to integrate with standard testing tools. Zero touch Automation framework extends this capability.

Operational Testing

Performance, Security and Manageability testing is key for reliability and scalability with enterprise systems. Our QA teams work with Mercury, Intel and in-house tools to provide comprehensive performance test coverage, while our extensive statistical reports ensure greater visibility.

Requirements based Traceability

Our unique, requirements management tool, integrated with Mercury Quality Center, provides traceability by requirement types. It ties directly into a number of ALM suites like Borland ALM and Microsoft Visual Studio, besides Eclipse framework.

Testing and QA Specialists

We have provided test staff augmentation services to numerous enterprise customers. Our stringent, performance based, appraisals of our consultants, ensures updated and active workforce. Our testing specialists regularly undergo in-house and external trainings to update on testing frameworks.

Testing Suites

We specialize in Mercury Tools. WinRunner, LoadRunner, Quality Center, Test Director, SiteScope, Service Level Management, SOA test extensions are some of the tools and test suites we use to test your solutions. Our 360-degree QA framework ensures a well tested and robust product or solution.


Experienced Test Managers work with you to define the Test Plan and comprehensive test specifications. Our QA practice takes pride in the level of details in our test specs. In some cases, our test specs have enabled the development teams to rework their functional specifications.

In numerous engagements, we have worked with our customers to provide them guidance on performance testing frameworks and implementation of performance related tools. Our operational testing capability extends from web applications, to distributed enterprise apps, to web services based solutions.

One of our major Banking customers, has been able to use the requirements and features matrix, to predict the types and extent of testing required, giving them enormous savings in terms of time, extent and quality of testing. It all started with Requirements Based Traceability.

Our test teams are well supported by in-house functional analysts and domain experts who are always available to our resources, to assist with domain knowledge. Further, our test resources have access to JM knowledge factory, that stores thousands of automation related code snippets and scripts.

We have also developed an Enterprise Testing Suite for a major Product Engineering company. The test suite covers test environment preparation to binary deployments, to running and reporting the test automation results. Its unique notifications mechanism can send alerts to devices based on various criteria.




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