Thursday, November 23, 2017

SOA & Web Services

Service Oriented Architecture and Virtualization have emerged as the front running approaches to extending and managing complex, IT infrastructures. Now, convergence between SOA, Grids and Virtualization is a reality. For the first time Management and Technology experts are talking the same language: the language of “Services”. Services, that originate from business yet extend to technology. Services, that can be created by aggregating existing resources. It is the services that can be managed seamlessly, the services that enable managers to see ROI on the fly. The list goes on.

SOA is a paradigm shift and JeanMartin is one of the earliest adopters of SOA and Web Services. We help you manage your Service Portfolios using our top-tier Governance Methodology and our vendor neutrality assurance.

Steady Progress, Complete Solutions

Start small, build incrementally, break down silos and manage the Portfolio. Our unique offerings range from a single Service Lifecycle Solution to helping you establish a complete SOA Roadmap.

  • Development and Testing web services
  • Benchmarking for services against WS standards
  • Enhancements to Web Services Performance
  • Guidance and Training on WS Standards
  • Assistance in establishing SOA Architecture Blueprint
  • Extensions of SOA Architecture to our Utility Network
  • Assistance in establishing SOA Governance Models
  • Guidance on SOA Tools and Technologies
  • Guidance on SOA Strategy and SOA-enabled Organization
  • Leadership in conducting SOA Feasibility Studies
  • Design and Implementation of Service Networks





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