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Web Technologies

Social Networking Sites

As this trend gains enormous popularity, JeanMartin has focused on creating an attractive, easy to use and scalable social software, that would facilitate online communities, to host complex networking sites. Our AJAX framework and unique SharePoint offerings facilitate RAD for web.

Intranet Sites

All Internet technologies like AJAX frameworks, SharePoint, Adobe, Joomla, DotNetNuke etc., have been used to create rich intranet sites. We have worked with numerous customers, to develop intranet sites that integrate workflows, documents, communications and provide a simple user experience.

Media Streaming

JeanMartin offers developing digital media delivery solutions, that provide streaming video, webinars, video conferences, video on demand, corporate and media rich trainings, distance learning and other content rich applications. Real time support and SLAs are also inbuilt into our Media framework.

E-Shops and Web Portals

We create attractive, E-Shop prototypes and web portals for you. Our team ensures a scalable and stable front-end from the start. It seamlessly integrates with different payment systems, shipment management, customer management, product portfolio management and other Point of Sales systems. We're experts in constructing Rich Internet Applications (RIA).

Web Hosting and Saas

JeanMartin provides you with attractive licensing models for all the above mentioned Web Technology offerings. We design, develop, host, manage and operate your sites for you, all while providing you a 30% cost savings, if you were to develop and maintain the site your self.


We have worked with a large media house to create a Web mash-up, that integrates numerous social networking sites, with a rich digital asset repository of this media house. The mash-up further integrates these communities with single-sign on other data services. Information flows seamlessly across communities.

Our unique AJAX control and web parts libraries enable us to deliver complex Intranet sites with amazing turnaround times. Our unique "Intranet in an Appliance" offerings provide hosting and enterprise plug and play capabilities. Our intranet offerings integrate seamlessly with JeanMartin SaaS network.

Our unique media provisioning framework is fully SOA enabled. We have worked with a major telecom provider to enable IP TV based scenarios, where media provisioning has been facilitated by our Media Provisioning Framework. The framework includes order management and billing frameworks.

We bring the enterprise portal and intranet technologies to your E-shop or web portal. You can not only create a web front, but you can also hook your E-shop to multiple web portals and internet marketing engines, which will drive more traffic to your e-shop or site. All web fronts are powered by your e-shop engine.

Our unique Software as a service network, provides amazing office productivity and web tools that can be integrated with your sites, e-shop, web portal and enterprise application. If you host your applications with JeanMartin, the SaaS network and hosted applications are available for integration free of cost.

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