iPCR – Mobile EMS Solution

Over 400,000 Ambulance Transports have been carried out thus far using iPCR in the New York metropolitan area

IPCR | JMI Product
  • Enabling remote data retrieval, editing and adding information on patient’s clinical data including vitals using Apple hand held devices iPhone & iPad
  • Has many features like alerts, signature capture, Reporting, Fax integration, Billing, Medical Transport Management and all required Regulatory Compliance
  • iPCR is a SaaS offering, built around a multi-tenant architecture capable of serving multiple organizations
  • Over 20% of the non emergency ambulances in the New York City Metropolitan area uses iPCR for their transports
IPCR | JMI Product
  • Easy-to-adopt execution to facilitate on-field data collection
  • Configurable user interfaces and content management options to customize the data capture and display based on user need
  • Integrated location awareness system provides textual and graphical routes to the destination at any point of time
  • Collaborative service management uses a single infrastructure and complements existing CAD system for the incremental revenue streams and efficiency
  • High performance service provisions within the hosted environment would allow customers to achieve the benefit of rapid deployment and reduce the ‘Time-to-Value’ realization
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