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JMI established in 1997, is a global diversified firm headquartered in New York City with offices worldwide. We offer End-To-End Solutions with best-in-class financial services, data analytics, data science, and software engineering & customization services.

With over 2000 resources worldwide, we help businesses Accelerate Growth, Improve Efficiency, and Reduce Costs by unleashing the power of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning), Business and Financial Analytics, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Blockchain, IoT, Smart Mobility and Cloud Computing.

Our proven Hybrid Delivery Model coupled with Agile Development Methodology provides quick ramp-up, timely delivery, and a Reusable Technical Environment that reduces Time to Market and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).



JMI has long term partnerships and hands-on experience working with multiple platforms and technology vendors

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