DevOps has been around since the days of the first server, but up until a few years ago DevOps was just a part of Systems Administration or Infrastructure Management. The change happened when companies started realizing that they needed better ways of managing software updates and releases for their web-based services. After all, one misplaced semicolon, and a 4 am push to production could sink even the most reputable of companies. Thankfully, in today’s world, we have tools to handle all that.

Binding Software Development & Operation

Automation made possible by our award winning DevOps team

Efficient configuration management
Sharing information across various disciplines in the Organization
Providing real-time visibility into the Application
Ensuring the Application performance at the optimal levels
Continuous code integration & deployment

With the advent of DevOps, we now have containerization to isolate and scale cloud-based services, detect errors in new releases, and rollback to previous versions as necessary, all to ensure that your software stays up, even after that 4 am misplaced semicolon. DevOps is great, but not every company is set up to take advantage of these new technologies. Migrating your infrastructure can be scary, and moving to containers requires intimate knowledge of containerization platforms like Docker or Kubernetes, as well as hosting platforms such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure, to automate everything properly.

This is where JMI can help, with our team experts, we can come up with a plan to ensure that your migration into this new world of automation, is a smooth and pleasant one. With JMI you know longer need to cross your fingers every time you push a new release. No more 5 am wake up calls. Just relax and enjoy the efficiency and automation made possible by our award-winning DevOps team.


We use the best technologies to meet our customers' needs

AWS Microsoft Azure Google Cloud Platform ELK Stack Jenkins Nagios Atlassion Blackduck C++ MS .NET Java Python Python Python Python .net Blazor React JS Mango DB FUBU MVC Backbone JS

Managed Services

Managed Services

From legacy platforms, to traditional client-server applications, to web applications, every enterprise has a significant investment in IT. At JMI, we work with companies to control their IT portfolio and keep it in step with state-of-the-art technologies, aligned with up-to-date business logic.

Companies spend over 70% of their IT budgets, simply to maintain and operate their IT assets. JMI streamlines that process, with our Maintenance and Sustained Engineering Framework, and our expertise in corrective, adaptive and preventative maintenance. From level 1 support to end-to-end solutions maintenance, the team of consultants at JMI is passionate about excellence in IT.

Hosting Partners

Cloud Computing

With the technology industry changing ever so quickly, companies are encouraged to expand past the horizons of their own IT bubbles and adapt to a more digital and mobile environment. As a result of the increasing importance of standardizing, virtualizing, automating, and becoming service-oriented, a web-based data service became an industry priority. Cloud computing involves the process of using remote servers hosted on the web to store, manage, and process a wide array of data relevant to the business. As it is defined, from the client’s perspective, cloud computing is a comprehensive service offered to consumers that will comprise a “cloud” of relevant data that can be accessed from any internet-capable mobile device.

Cloud Computing
Common Challenges
  • Organizing the logical infrastructure groups by environment, application, tire and roles
  • Monitoring both infrastructure and application performance followed by relevant actions
  • Automation on scaling, script execution, schedules and workflow management
  • Access controls, Networking security, Utilization
  • Cost management and Optimal usage
  • Experienced Infrastructure Resources

Cloud Hosting Services

Biggest paradigm shift in 20 years - Save upto 87% of IT energy

JMI Cloud Hosting
  • Highly Secure IO Data Center
  • Managing clients, IaaS, SaaS, PaaS
  • Entire Server Deployments
  • Automate and Govern the Process
  • Optimal Resource Usage Management
  • New Services on Cloud Platform
  • Project Requirement & Management
  • Migration of Legacy Services
  • Expert Infrastructure Resources


Cloud management

We have dedicated an enormous amount of resources to building a dominant, robust, service platform. We offer a high level of service quality to increase speed and minimize the disruption of business activities.


Our tools, framework, and experienced staff can enable the migration from a private to public cloud. This will give customers the ability to experience the cloud environment. We ensure that the initial transition to the cloud will maintain security, and minimizes risk and cost.


Although cloud computing services are the frontier of next-generation IT, no company should delve into it without a thorough evaluation of their current financial situation and business model. JMI skilled consulting staff takes on an in-depth and finely-tuned assessment strategy to determine the most cost-effective and productive way to implement cloud technology into a client's business model. Additionally, our employees will work with business executives to establish a roadmap for implementation and management which will lead to an improvement in long-term business growth.