Digital Analytics

The analysis of digital data refers to information collected in interactive channels - online, mobile, and social. Digital Analytics has become a part of core business strategies and maintaining a competitive edge.

Digital Analytics
"Data is integral to being successful in Marketing Campaigns"

Analytics not working as you intended, or you want to reexamine your measurement strategy? Get an expert Analytics audit. Our specialists are trained to identify pitfalls in implementation, account setup and report generation.


The good analysis starts with accurate data collection, and our implementation specialists are trained to implement robust strategy to get accurate data, aligned with your business objectives. Then we’ll deploy advanced custom tracking, according to industry best practices.


It’s easy to see the value of Analytics and while installing it on your website is easy, setting up conversion tracking, filters, behavior flow and the other benefits of analytics that tell you what users do on your site and which users actually led to a conversion or did nothing can be a daunting task.


Need a customized monthly or quarterly reporting which allows comprehensive and in-depth analysis and not just the out-of-box reports. JMI Digital team ensures your data remains accurate, help you establish valuable reports, and lead your data strategy into the future.