At JMI, we understand the importance and the priority each industry segment carries with itself. For our customers in the field of Healthcare, we focus on providing dependable, robust and easy to implement solutions. We offer solutions that provide seamless integration between IT services and healthcare business to enhance the current capabilities of the system and ensure scalability. With our product based on iPCR, we have the capabilities and expertise to develop mobile solutions for various healthcare needs. With the help of our collaborative services and support, we can bring all the functionalities of a healthcare organization like patient records accessibility, doctor consultation and management and administrative setup under one roof.



Mobile Patient Record Management
  • Using mobile technology & low-frequency RFID tags, we can manage patient's diagnostic records, medications and administrative tasks.
  • Provides clients with the ability to reduce the use of paperwork and the chance to commit error in noting medication specifications or diagnosis. Allows for more accurate and efficient results.
Personnel and Asset Tracking

Critical asset monitoring and security solution using RTLS/active RFID and mobility

Remote Patient Monitoring and Diagnosis

Offers real-time notifications, visibility of patient monitoring and diagnosis, improved CRM services.

Mobile Appointment & Case Management

Emergency help network and nursing services, greater collaboration and reduction of communication costs.

Mobile Pre-Medical Care

Offers real-time visibility through pre-medical care transport management workflow

Mobile EMR

Integrates medical record management using smartphones, relates information more efficiently and effectively

JMI has developed a number of products to provide Business Intelligence and Analytics services to healthcare institutions. The current problems faced by both regulators and healthcare providers are in tackling the massive amounts of data produced by the industry, and in creating useful analytics and business intelligence from that data. Our well-designed analytics can assist healthcare providers and government institutions, reducing costs and improving the quality and reliability of their services.