The retail industry has been affected by the downturn in customer spending and an increase in competition from both in-store and online vendors. While customers are content with spending less, they are still demanding a consistent personal shopping experience. Armed with an array of new technologies – from smartphones to tablet PCs – consumers are charging ahead of the industry with retailers struggling to keep up.


Through deep seeded industry knowledge, JMI strives to enhance the customer’s retail experience by promoting customer loyalty and driving profits. Furthermore, our experienced team provides clients with a holistic IT approach including supply-chain-management, vendor management, store operations, and planning.

Additionally, JMI takes part in the conceptualizing, constructing and managing of IT software that will cater to the retailers' needs. Our history of social media integration and digitalization serve as paramount features of our retail focus.


Retail Inventory Management
  • JMI warehouse management tools are custom tailored to enhance the efficiency of our client’s inventory management
  • Within our approach, we perform master data management that enables business executives to pinpoint merchandising strategy, category management, and revenue management
Mobile Solutions
  • With consumers advancing towards an increasingly mobile shopping network, our retail technology team has geared its focus on creating user-friendly mobile software that will enhance consumer shopping experience.
  • Our mobile application development team integrates our individualized eCommerce software to enhance the retail businesses overall productivity.
Retail Optimization
  • Our framework employs real-time warehouse inventory analytics that will point out correctable inefficiencies along the supply chain.
  • Furthermore, our technology aims to synchronize warehouse data with merchandising information which will cut costs by improving overall efficiency.
  • Our technology framework allows consumers an easy, well-guided shopping experience using features such as search engine optimization, content management, and consumer-driven analytics.